A nation-state can be described as a place which has fostered national attitude and an emotional attachment to a country or one that may exhibit some form of cultural homogeneity. All of the following are examples of nation-states except ?

a) Iceland
b) Japan
c) Poland
d) Denmark
e) Yugoslavia

answer : e) Yugoslavia

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Practice AP Human Geography Political Geography questions
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Anation-statecanbedescribedasaplacewhichhasfosterednationalattitudeandanemotionalattachmenttoacountryoronethatmayexhibitsomeformofculturalhomogeneity.Allofthefollowingareexamplesofnation-statesexcept: a) Iceland b)…
Nationalism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
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If the membersoftheIroquoisnationwereto strive toforma sovereignstatein the effort to preserve their identityasapeople, they wouldbeexhibitingastate-focused nationalism.
Nationstate- Wikipedia
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Anationstate(ornation-state), in the most specific sense,isacountrywhere a distinctculturalor ethnic group (a”nation” or “people”…Read more
Whatisanationstate? – Quora
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Of coursenationstatescanhaveminority populations but ifonestatehavetwo or morenationalidentities theyareclassified as universal states….Whatisthe difference betweenacountry, a state,anation,anationstate,andasovereign state?
Identity | Lovely weatherwe’rehaving
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In theseplacespeople forge contacts with other people who sharesomeofthesame interests andattitudes….The lawStatesthat if a personhasjustonefoot on a zebra Crossing then vehicäes must stop. And they usuaily do.
Nation-state- New World Encyclopedia
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Thenation-stateimplies that a stateandanationcoincide….The attempt to imposeculturalhomogeneityon all minority groups withinacountryhasbeenoneofthegreatest scourges on human society, but ithastaken on a particularly onerous quality in…
Nationalist Thought and the Colonial World
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Bothdescribethe characteristicsofthenewculturalhomogeneitywhichissought tobeimposed on the emergingnation: for…of modern. taking up an appropriateattitudetowards a specificnational’\ ism by reference to its consequences for universal history.
Nationstate- Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Thenationstateisa certainformofstate thathasa territory where mainlyonenationislocated. The stateisa political entity (the government, etc.); the nationisaculturaland/or ethnic entity.
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Бесплатный сервис Google позволяет мгновенно переводить слова, фразы и веб-страницы с английского на более чем 100 языков и обратно.
TheNationand Nationalism in Europe (PDF Download…)
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presentstateofthenationin relation to othernations, as well as….anationfrom Gellner’s argument thatstatescaninventnations….nity.62 As all groupshavesomesense of collective self-awareness
The RoleoftheNation-Statein Globalization | Investopedia
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While ithasbeendefined in many ways, globalizationisgenerally recognized as the fading or complete disappearance of economic, social andculturalborders betweennation-states.
globalpolicy.org›nations-a-states…is-a-nation.htmlCached page
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Thenationmayhavea claim to statehood or self-rule, but it does not necessarily enjoy astateof its own….Because of migration, most modernstatesinclude within their borders diverse communities that challenge the idea ofnationalhomogeneityand give rise to…
Reimagining thenation: gender and nationalism
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What does it mean to belongtoanationinanation-statewhich consists of many ethnic groups? What kinds of memories, forgetting, ornationalfabricationsareconstitutiveofthenation within the U.S.? Ifanation“isThis dissertationfollowsthe style and format…
MultinationalStates, MulticulturalNations: The
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the state that embodied the heritage, that the world should therefore consistofnation-states…”86 Thus, the ideal…Therefore, scholars, rulers, andnationaleliteshavelong acknowledged the benefits to states that actively seekhomogeneityboth through a…
Топик по английскому Cultures andnationalstereotypes
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Culturecanbedescribedasour everyday life: how we communicate, what…People that belong to variousnationsmaydiffer and they always differ fromoneanother….Thereisa big amount ofexampleswe can list aboutnationalcharacter of different people.

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