According to Spykman’s theory, which country could possibly become the next power ?

a) Russia
b) Japan
c) Australia
d) United Kingdom
e) China

answer : e) China

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AccordingtoSpykman’stheory,whichcountrycouldpossiblybecomethenext…The Rimlandtheorystates: a) who controls the Rimland rules Eurasia….Geographer NicholasSpykmansaid that the Eurasian rim, not its hearts, held the key to globalpower.
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WhileSpykmanaccepts the first two as defined, he rejects the simple grouping the Asiancountriesinto one “monsoon land.”…He also forecast the rise of China,becomingthedominantpowerin Asia and that the US would thus take responsibility for Japan’sdefense.
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“The more he studied the location of thiscountryin relation to the rest of the world,” explained Dunne, “the more hebecameconvinced that our security policy was unrealistic and inadequate.”Spykmangrasped,accordingtoDunne, that the “early…
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…tpowerunits is out. which “couldspell doom for thiscountry. • . and flatly denied that…Spykman’svacillation towards Russia seems in retrospect not undue. wouldbecome…other exponents of realism. that his grandtheoryis evidently flawed.[179]Spykman’s…
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The onlycountrythat possess the possibility ofbecomingnextsuper-poweris CHINA….Thistheoryis a prediction bytheoristsof international relations, both classical realistic and neo-realistic. They think that this multiple bloc or multi polarity systemcouldlead to better…
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+Spykman’sRimlandTheory+. Whatcountriesare the three prominent worldpowers?  Identify the 3…Therefore the heartlandcouldnot remain a constant seat ofpower. + What does this final quote bySpykmanmean?  “States, cannot escape their geography.
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Next….Which of the following statements is FALSEaccordingtoDalton’sAtomicTheory? Which one reaction is posibbleaccordingtodalton’satomictheory?
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Report abuse. Transcript of NicholasSpykman: The RimlandTheory….In contrast to his mentor,Spykmanfelt that realpowercame with access to water. The Rimland is the exterior or coast of acountryor continent.
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Unified Rimlandcanbe a menace for both Russia and USA. So geopolitics is not simply a struggle between the land and the seapowers…Spykman’stheoryand the importance of Rimlandcountriesbecamea key feature of America’s foreign policy under Harry…
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Writing in 1938,Spykmanechoed Mahan’stheoryabout the geographical bases of…On the other hand, comparatively smallcountrieswith large industrial basescouldstill…Spykman’sanalysis of greatpowers’ relative location took him to the conclusion, in 1938…
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Spykmanis thought to be the main creator of the “containment”theorythatbecamethemain US strategy toward the USSR in the Cold War period….Then it was important to Turkey entering NATO, to redirect some Arabiccountriestoward the USA.
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All international politics,Spykmanwrote, involved a struggle forpower, which “is identical with the struggle for survival, and the improvement of the relativepowerpositionbecomestheprimary objective of the internal and external policy of states.”
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Spykman, thanks to advancing naval technology, added to the definition of the Heartlandtheorythe Rimlandtheory….He assumed that through a union between the United States and Britain, being two maritimepowers, theycouldunite to share the conquest of the…
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1Spykman’sRimlandTheory. 2 Whatcountriesare the three prominent worldpowers?…He argued that thepowerof the heartlandcouldbe kept in check by the peripheral rimland.
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Accordingtohim it seemedpossiblebecause with the ‘Columbian epoch’ 1 coming to an end the world hadbecomea….From this he deduced his owntheoryof Rimland,Spykmansaid: ‘If there is to slogan for thepowerpolitics of the old world, it must be

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