The devolutionary pressures in Belgium result from conflicts between what two cultures ?

a) Bennish and Romansh
b) Slovene and Serb
c) Romansh and Flemish
d) Falloon and Slovene
e) Flemish and Walloon

answer : e) Flemish and Walloon

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How to ResolveCulturalConflict: OvercomingCultural…›…conflict…cross-cultural…cultural…Cached page
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As aresult, when negotiating acrosscultures, we bring different perspectives to the bargaining table, which in turn mayresultin potential misunderstandings….Culturalconflictin negotiations tend to occur fortwomain reasons.
Culturalconflict- Wikipedia›Cultural conflictCached page
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Jonathan H. Turner defines it as aconflictcaused by “differences inculturalvalues and beliefs that place people at odds with one another”.[1] On a micro level, Alexander Grewe discusses aculturalconflictbetweenguests of differentcultureand nationality as seen…
Practice AP Human Geography Political Geography questions›115938081/practice-ap-human-geography…Cached page
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A world in which the balance of nuclear terrorbetweentwosuperpowers would no longer determine the destinies of states is known as…The devolutionarypressuresinBelgiumresultfromconflictsbetweenwhattwocultures? a) Bennish and Romansh b)…
CultureandConflict| Beyond Intractability›node/789Cached page
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Twothings are essential to remember aboutcultures: they are always changing, and they relate to the symbolic dimension of life….Conflictsbetweenteenagers and parents are shaped by generationalculture, andconflictsbetweenspouses or partners are…
CrossCulturalConflictResolution in Teams›articles/ford5.cfmCached page
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As aresult, comfort levels withconflictsituations, especially of an interpersonal nature are low.Conflictis often avoided….There is as much diversity within acultureasbetweencultures. Thus, rather than thinking that we should use ourcrosscultural…
Culturalevolutionarytheory: Howcultureevolves… | PNAS›content/114/30/7782Cached page
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Here, we review the field ofculturalevolutionarytheory as it pertains to the extension of biology throughculture….A recent study (129) proposed an ecocultural model that incorporatedculturaldifferencesbetweentwocompeting species into Lotka–Volterra…
Overview: TheConflictBetweenReligion andEvolution›…the-conflict-between…and-evolution/Cached page
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Teaching creation science, either along withevolutionarytheory or in place of it, is also banned….And whileevolutionmay not attain the same importance as suchculturewar issues as abortion…DistinguishingBetweenFactual and Opinion Statements in the News.
What are the various causes ofConflict?›…what-are-the…conflict.htmlCached page
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2.CulturalDifference:Cultureis the way of life of a group….When all the efforts to resolve theconflictbetweentwonations fail, war finally breaks out as it in the only alternative to the peaceful means of solution.
Overview of Sociology’sConflictTheory›conflict-theory-3026622Cached page
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Conflicttheory states that tensions andconflictsarise when resources, status, and power are unevenly distributedbetweengroups in society and that theseconflictsbecome the engine for social change….EvolutionofConflictTheory.
The language divide at the heart of a split that is tearing…›world/2010/may/09/belgium…french…Cached page
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Culture….There is no national narrativeinBelgium, rathertwoopposing stories told in Dutch or French….Indeed, thetwosides seldom interact. IntermarriagebetweenFlemish and Walloons is low.
Resolvingculturalconflicts.›conflict/peace/example/will5746.htmCached page
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Identifyingculturalconflicts.Culturalconflicthas three dimensions. To thetwodimensions that everyconflicthas (content and relational),culturalconflict…People can preventcross-culturalconflictsby learning aboutculturesthat they come in contact with.
military – What is the best historical example ofconflict…›q/12420Cached page
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Let me start with some background, in fiction authors like to explore situations where the human race meets another civilization.
The Anglo-Zulu war comes to mind. The story of the (fictional) movie …
The Spanish invasion of the Aztec Empire, as you mentioned, is one of …
One such example that springs to mind is Japan and the “Black Ships”.
HOWCULTUREDROVE HUMANEVOLUTION|›conversation/joseph…how-culture…evolutionCached page
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The assumption for a long time was that status in humans was just a kind of human version of this dominant status, but if you apply this gene-cultureco-evolutionarythinking, the idea thatcultureis one of the major selectionpressuresinhumanevolution…
THE 8CONFLICTS–CultureClashes›book/8-conflicts/Cached page
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The 8Conflicts. YourtwoSelves….CLASH! reveals that a single root cause drives many of theseconflicts, from global strugglesbetweenregions and nations, to everyday tensionsbetweengenders, races, social classes, religions, and even workplaces.
EvolutionaryTheories, Social Change, Sociology Guide›…evolutionary-theories.phpCached page
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Thisevolutionaryview of social change was highly influenced by Charles Darwin’s theory of OrganicEvolution….Betweenthese types lies a third type ‘idealistic’culture….History is the story ofconflictbetweenthe exploiter and the exploited.

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