the study of lithospheric plate movement and their resulting activities is known as …. ?

A. the rock cycle
B. thermodynamics
C. plate tectonics
D. mantle convection

answer : C. plate tectonics

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Thestudyoflithosphericplatemovementandtheirresultingactivitiesisknownas_____. A. the rock cycle B. thermodynamics C.platetectonics D. mantle convection.
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…platemovementandtheirresultingactivitiesisknownas_____. the rock cycle thermodynamicsplate…It mainly deals withthestudyhow the rigidlithosphericplatesmove over the…I want a free account! What do you need toknow? Ask your question.
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What isthestudyoflithosphericplatemovement?…Which of these describemovementoflithosphericplatesthat makes up the earth’s outer most layer? the crust does! Share to
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Platemovementis possible because the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary is a zone…Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Collectively, thesestudiesshow that Earth can be…This upper portion of the mantle, whichisknownasthelithosphericmantle, has an average…
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Platetectonics is the theory explaining geologic changes thatresultfrom themovementoflithosphericplatesover the asthenosphere (the…The boundaries whereplatesmeetareknownasplatemargins. The types of geologicactivitythat occur when twoplates…
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…andtheirresultingactivitiesisknownas- which event below cannot be explained by themovementof thelithospheric…resultingactivitiesiskno .. – how is alithosphericplatelike a long line of moving grocery carts -thestudyoflithosphericplate…
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Platetectonics,thestudyofsuch relative motionsandtheirconsequences, allows relating surface, geological and geophysical structures with…The motionoflithosphericplatesis a considerable consequence of thermally-driven massmovementson the Earth.
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At the same time, themovementoflithosphericplateswas carried out under the influence of an invisible force. As aresultofthestudies, it was found that the blocks are floating passively on the material of the mantle. It is worth noting thattheirdirection is first…
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StudyTools ▻….Themovementof theseplates(there are about 20 of them) is significant to us today mostly because it istheirmovementsthat cause earthquakes. Thelithosphericplatesare theplatesthat are involved inplatetectonics.
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B. millions of years. C. centuries. D. decades. 13. The Earth is the only planetknownto support life….A. B. C. New mountains are created through volcanicactivityandlithosphericplatemovement.
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Figure 2. Thelithosphericplatesandtheirnames….Figure 10. (a) Subduction of an oceanplatebeneath an oceanplateresultsin a…Geologistsknowthat Wegener was right because themovementsof continents explain so much about the geology we see.
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Platetectonics is a scientific theory describing the large-scale motion of seven largeplatesand themovementsof a larger number of smallerplatesof the Earth’s lithosphere, since tectonic processes began on Earth between 3 and 3.5 billion y…
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2.3.1 Linear magnetic anomalies – a record of tectonicmovement. 2.3.2Platetectonics….Table 5 Dimensions and true velocitiesoflithosphericplates….Making the decision tostudycan be a big step, which is why you’ll want a trusted University.
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2. According to the passage, there are approximately how manylithosphericplates?…The aggressive Young Yalemovementappeared, demanding partial alumni control, a more liberal spirit, and a broader course ofstudy.
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Detailed map of allknownplates,theirboundaries, andmovements….Paleomagnetism isthestudyofmagnetic fields frozen within rocks, basically a fossil compass….In the process ofplatetectonics, thelithosphericplatesmovementis the main force that…

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