This technology was able to assist governments and aid agencies in the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami ?


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Afterthe2004tsunami: rebuilding lives, salvaging communities›world/2009/dec/23/2004-tsunami…onCached page
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Its homes, all newly peopled,arethe legacy of tragedy on a vast scale:2004’s Boxing Daytsunami….While 9,000 foreign tourists died in seaside resorts around theIndianOcean, the biggest…Shewasreliant on Oxfam, the firstaidagencyto reach her village, for a…
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The2004IndianOceanearthquake occurred at 00:58:53 UTC on 26 December with the epicentre off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.Read more
Horrid2004Boxing DayTsunami- YouTube›watch?v=xCjdrbI277wCached page
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TsunamiThailand2004IndianOceanearthquakewasan undersea earthquake that occurred at 00:58:53 UTC (07:58:53 local time) December 26,2004, with an epicentre…The money went toaidagenciesthatweretoo small to mastermind such a mammoth task.
When disaster strikes,we’remore ready than ever before›…2014/dec/09…indian-ocean-tsunamiCached page
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Aidgroups have learned from the tragedyoftheIndianOceantsunamiin2004….The scale of losswashuge, and itwasa colossal task forgovernmentsandaidagencies.
IndianOceantsunamiof2004| Facts… |›event/Indian-Ocean-tsunami-of-2004Cached page
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Thetsunamiand itsaftermathwereresponsible for immense destruction and loss on the rimoftheIndianOcean. On December 26,2004, at 7:59amlocal time, an undersea earthquake with a magnitude of…
The AsianTsunami:Aidand Reconstruction After a Disaster›document…The…Tsunami-Aid-and…a-DisasterCached page
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But another of our conclusionsisthat donorgovernmentsandaidagenciesdo not…Another clear theme that emerges fromthe2004tsunamiexperience highlights the…19. Recipientgovernmentsandlocal institutions will not alwaysbeabletoset aside the…
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The2004IndianOceanearthquake, and series of catastrophictsunamisthat followed in its wake, had a lesson to teach….Poorer nationsareusuallyinthegreatest need of early warningtechnologybut the leastabletopay for it.
Ten Years Sincethe2004IndianOceanTsunami›photo…2004-indian-ocean-tsunami…Cached page
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Technology….Thai police opened a shipping container filled with documents and possessions of victimsofthe2004IndianOceanTsunamiafterbeingasked by Reuters for permission to film its contents.
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A viewoftheBaiturrahman mosque in Banda Aceh, December 5, 2009, an area affected bythe2004IndianOceanTsunami….A combination photo shows (top) an Acehnese man walking on debris fromtheaftermathofthe2004tsunamiintheprovincial…
Oxfam digests lessons from2004IndianOceantsunami- CNN›2014/12/17…oxfam-2004-tsunami…ten…Cached page
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2004IndianOceantsunamiwasoneofthemost devastating events of recent times….For us tobeabletoallocate our funds impartiality allows us to deliver our funds in a more equitable way.”…The charity says that,intheaftermathofthetsunami, it learned a…
Lessons Learned a Decade after theIndianOceanTsunami›2014/12…a…the-indian-ocean-tsunami/Cached page
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The December2004IndianOceantsunamiwasoneoftheworst natural disasters in recorded history, destroying lives, homes, and livelihoods….The massive outpouring ofaidintheaftermathofthetsunamiprovided life-saving relief to devastated communities…
TsunamiScience: Advances Sincethe2004IndianOcean…›49262-indian-ocean-tsunami…Cached page
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The2004IndianOceantsunamiricocheted off island chains, and someoftheworst flooding arrived unexpectedly late in places like Sri Lanka and Western Australia….Theagency’s goalisto dramatically reduce that hour-long delay.
Before-And-After PicturesOfTheIndianOceanTsunami›…indian-ocean-tsunami-2014-12Cached page
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On the 10th anniversaryoftheIndianOceantsunami….Inthefive years following thetsunami,aidgroups rebuilt more than 140,000 homes, 1,000…An Acehnese man walks on debris fromtheaftermathofthe2004tsunamiintheprovincial Indonesian capital of…
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Intheaftermathofthedisaster, thereisnow an awarenessoftheneed for atsunamiwarning system for theIndianOcean….Sri Lanka reported that it had received no foreigngovernmentaid, while foreign individuals hadbeengenerous.[84] Many charitieswere…
The most destructiveTsunamis| Sumatra, Indonesia2004›pages/tsunami-sumatra-2004Cached page
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Image:2004Sumatra -TsunamiWave. The December 26,2004IndianOceantsunamiwascaused by…On such coasts, atsunamiwon’tbeabletorun inland as far as it did in Aceh, the region…Image:TheaftermathoftheDecember2004tsunamiin Aceh, Indon.

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2004 Indian Oceanearthquake andtsunamiis located in Southeast Asia … Hiroo Kanamori of the California …
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Mr. Dobbs talked about his efforts to help the victims of thetsunamiin Sri Lanka. … All; Videos; Clips; People …
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On December 26,2004, one of the worst natural disasters in … saved many local inhabitants in the2004…
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For this reason, it is even more important to beableto recognize signs that a … It is vital to include all …
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