Which of the following is an example of an elongated state ?

a) Chile
b) Philippines
c) Thailand
d) South Africa
e) Denmark

answer : a) Chile

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Does Vietnam constituteanelongatedstate? Yes. Share to: Answered. In Asia.Whichofthefollowingisanexampleofanelongatedstate? Vietnam.
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Forexample, they are difficult to defend.Anelongatedstate, such as Chile, makes for difficult governanceoftheperipheral areas in…Definition – The domino theory speculated that if one land succumbed to communism, then the surrounding wouldfollowin domino…
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Whichofthefollowingisanexampleofadevolved government since 1990? A. Brazil….“Elongated” and “prorupted” are terms used to describe the shapes ofstates.
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The Answer to this one is: TIDE POOL Reason: i think tide pool is the answer because it has nothing to do with Micro organisms.. Note: I really really think you should study a little more.
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Likeanelongatedstate, the panhandle complicates managementofthecountry. Myanmar has existed in one form or other for thousands of years, forexample, but the country’s shape has made it an easy target for many other nations and people…
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Thefollowingisalistofthesix types ofstateshapes and can be viewed in Google Maps by clicking on the links provided….Anexampleofacompactstatewould be Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi.Elongatedstateshave a long and narrow shape.
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